Wormtooth Nation

Wormtooth Nation Credits

Created, Written, and Produced by
Geoff Boothby and Cullen Thomas
Assistant Producer
Donald Revolinski
Executive Producers
Sam and Mary Boothby
Steve Guich
Director of Photography
Cullen Thomas
Geoff Boothby
David J Murphy
Matt Ticciati Sam
Elizabeth Hughes Tania
Helena-Grace Treadwell Hella
Steve White Demitri
Benjamin W. Estey O'Brien
David J. Murphy Bottom
Steve Pappin Serias
Ted Walker Robin
Brendan Thomas Rufus
Jonathan Whipple Snug
Isaac Nevas Tomby
Chris Busch Moony
Dan Schwartz Floo
Donald Revolinski Tack
Melanny Wells Girl 1
Kelsey Hallen Girl 2
Darla Murphy Girl 3
Tom Terrien Clinic Lecturer
Jaime Thatcher Soldier
Tammy L. Harrison Doc
Gaelyn Hutchinson Sonny
Andrew Perry Roy
Joey Delre Man 1
Jackie Lane Jackie
Patrick Kennedy O'Brien Medic
Cooper Rose Guard 1
Benjamin Gare Guard 2
Tim Gates Union Thug 1
Christopher Grace Union Thug 2
Ron Khare Union Thug 3
Nolan Walker Union Thug 4
Brian Faulkner Peacekeeper
Daniel Blum Peacekeeper
Geoff Boothby Fanatical Radio Rebel
Andy MacKenzie Union Radio Voice
Jeffrey Hedquist Radio Voice
Alison Honeycutt Mopping Girl
Jared Brown
Jonnie Cohen
Gemma Cohen
Phil Carter
Heather Miller-Rodriguez
Beth Klineman
Elisabet Humble
Bagambhrini Gerace
Seanan Thomas
Julia Davis
Dariana Travis
Tim Gates
Isaac Winkler
Dale Meltzer
Hagan Rainbow
Catherine Coffey
David Fulcher
Lane Weaver
Andrew Kennedy
Dominic Rabalais
Nathaniel Alexander
Ace Boothby
Donnie Chell
Jake Gratzon
Eric Hurlin
Nathaniel J. Campbell
Emily Plate
Hillary Jordan
Quinn Shanahan
Julie Blum
Steven Blum
Paul Morehead
Brian Morrow
Donald Revolinski
Milo Winningham
Cullen Thomas
Geoff Boothby
Patrick Kennedy
Alison Honeycutt
Assistant Camera Donald Revolinski
Editor Cullen Thomas
Sound Editor
Geoff Boothby
David J Murphy
Sound Mixing David J Murphy
Sound Recording
David J Murphy
Hedquist Productions
Locations Manager Cullen Thomas
Gaffer Patrick Kennedy
Daniel Blum
Paul Morehead
Brian Morrow
Andrew Kennedy
Production Assistants
Collin Miller
Owen Stowe
Ace Boothby
Jake Gratzon
Script Supervisor
Donald Revolinski
Kelsey Hallen
Geoff Boothby
Darla Murphy
Costumes Courtesy of Rodney Franz
Makeup Geoff Boothby
Equipment Maharishi University of Management
Additional Equipment Reinan Shook
Properties Donald Revolinski
Mic Prop David J Murphy
Card Props Alison Honeycutt
Prop Guns
Genevra Dailey
Andrew Perry
Daniel Blum
Set Construction Daniel Blum
Craft Services
Geoff Boothby
Donald Revolinski
Fundraising Kirsi Marcus
Production Art
Paul Morehead
Andrew Kennedy
Legal Consultant Viki Alexander
Script Consultants
Brian Morrow
Brendan Thomas
Laura Marcove
Thank You
Robert and Rosiland Stowe
Mary and Gary Gagnon
Dennis and Linda Heaton
Chris and Ellen Jones
Don and Sarah Chell
Richard and Nancy Bellmer
Gurdy Leete
Brian Smith
John and Christina Revolinski
Special Thanks
David Henderson
Ann Wrightson
Robert Thomas
Jeff Anderson and Anderson Tooling
Carl Chandler and Fairfield Waterworks
Brad Rose and Fairfield High-School
Jim and Patty Brown and MUM Housing
Paul Glossop
Ron Bessette and Natural-Home Building Systems
Jim and Ginger Belilove and Creative Edge Master Shop
Jewel McDonald and the Morningstar Stardust Lounge
Brent Willett (Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce)
Maharishi University of Management
Additional Credits

"The Sky Is Free"
Written/Produced/Performed by David J Murphy
©2008 David J Murphy

"Dance!" (Original)
Written/Produced/Performed by Ian Fry
Mixed at FutureSoundNYC
©2007 IanFryMusic.com

"Dance!" (Cover)
Performed by David J Murphy, Geoff Boothby
Written/ Created by Ian Fry
©2007 IanFryMusic.com

"You're A Wanderer"
Written/Produced David J Murphy
Performed by Elizabeth Hughes
©2008 David J Murphy

"Swingin' At The Royale Blue"
Written/Produced David J Murphy
Performed by Elizabeth Hughes
©2008 David J Murphy

"Dizzy, Lonely, and Blue"
Written/Produced David J Murphy
Performed by Elizabeth Hughes
©2008 David J Murphy